Quality web engineering from Ithaca, NY: web sites, web applications, custom software.
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Big city web design in upstate New York

Whether you're looking for an online business card or help with a major e-commerce site, you've come to the right place. We take a practical approach, focused around the needs of web users and we have the complete set of skills that it takes to create successful web sites. With a commitment to quality and experience in large scale (250,000+ users) and international sites, Honeylocust's capabilities exceed those of other web shops in the Ithaca area.

We can help with all stages of a project, and we're used to getting things done on time and budget. We develop both internet and intranets, both web sites and web applications. We feature personal service for clients in the Ithaca area, as well as low overhead for clients everywhere.

We've got better things to do than argue about which software tools are the best, but we reap real dividends from our commitment to open source. By using software like Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL, we save our clients licensing costs while keeping the flexibility needed to make world-class internet sites. By using existing open source projects, we can often shave weeks or months off the development time of an application. We also believe in giving back to the open source community.

If you're planning a new web project, want to take an existing site to a new level, or just need some help getting through a rough spot, write to us or call us at (607) 539 7490 to schedule a free initial consultation.